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Transform your organization by refactoring applications through containerization and by implementing a way of working focused on delivering value and satisfying all of the critical system requirements of every stakeholder. Binx.io develops cloud-based solutions, trains and coaches your teams, and provides managed cloud services.
Cloud Solutions
We develop cloud-based solutions by migrating your existing IT-infrastructure to the cloud and establishing multidisciplinary teams that work together to deliver real customer value. We provide our services with your business goals on top of our minds.
Managed Cloud
Our managed cloud services take care of managing the cloud for your organization completely. Our approach combines best-practices and frameworks and is characterized by standardization, extreme automation, event-driven architecture.
Training and Coaching
We train, re-skill and coach every team member to develop the right competencies to work in the cloud environment.

Some of our Clients

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Bart Verlaat


Constantijn Visinescu
GCP Consultant


Dennis Vink
AWS Consultant


Dennis Vriend
Cloud Consultant


Kevin Kessels
Cloud Consultant


Lars Wilbers
Chief Talent


Léon Rodenburg
Chief Alibaba Cloud


Loek Duys


Maarten Baijs
Cloud Consultant


Marcel de Vries


Mark van Holsteijn


Martijn van Dongen
Chief AWS


Martijn van de Grift
Cloud Consultant


Pascal Naber


Rob Dielemans


Roy Bos
Cloud Developer


Thijs de Vries
AWS Consultant


Thijs Elferink
Cloud Consultant


Thomas de Ruiter
Cloud Consultant


Walter van der Scheer


Wietse Venema
Google Cloud Engineer
Training Modules

At binx.io we do not believe in classic, classroom training for IT professional. We know that most IT professionals learn on the job and it is hard for them to spend 5 days in a class room.

That is why we invented the concept of High Intensity Training modules. Each module takes between 2-4 hours and consists of a short but complete introduction into the subject, followed by a series of hands-on training exercises using Instruqt. The exercises simulate real-life scenarios and will teach best practices while doing it.

We can mix-and-match modules to deliver a training program specifically suited for your specific situation. The modules can be planned separately in-house. After each module, the students will be able to apply the knowledge and experience obtained directly in practice.

Amazon Web Services CloudFormation

Become knowledgeable and proficient in AWS CloudFormation
Amazon Web Services CloudWatch

Become knowledgeable and proficient in AWS CloudWatch.
Amazon Web Services EC2

Become knowledgeable and proficient in AWS EC2 - Elastic Compute
all training modules

Events & Articles

GCP - Learning for Google Associate Cloud Engineer / Google Professional Cloud Architect
05/04 @ Hilversum

For whose interested, an 8 hour self-study for Google Cloud Associate Engineer or Google Cloud Professional Architect

Google Cloud Platform Security - core components (rerun)
19/03 @ 1213 VB Hilversum

A comprehensive overview of the Google Cloud Platform Security features.

Things AWS doesn't want you to automate (and how to automate them)
19/02 @ 1213 VB Hilversum

Almost any AWS service can be fully controlled using the AWS API, for this we strongly recommend the use of boto3 (Python SDK). The problem is, that there exist some administrative tasks for which there is no public API, and there exist some AWS tasks that still require the AWS Account Root User. For example when creating a new account in an AWS Organization, there are some things that you are unable to do using the documented APIs. In this talk I’ll show how you can use Coto for these tasks, and a little background because programming with AWS SDKs is interesting.

More Events & Articles


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