Leverage the potential of cloud technology

We are passionate about making your IT faster and better using Cloud Technology.

At Binx, we are on an exciting journey to make organizations cloud-native. Together with our partners Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Alibaba Cloud, we are working hard every day to migrate and modernize workloads. On top of this, and this puts a smile on our faces, we develop cloud-native infrastructures and applications from scratch.

We love sharing knowledge and stand side-by-side with every client to make sure their infrastructure performs optimally around the clock.

Being part of Xebia Group, we are in a unique position to combine two decades of enterprise IT experience with the getting-things-done mentality of a start-up.


We make every organization cloud-native.



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We started binx.io because we believe that moving to the cloud is the single most significant technology shift with business impact a company will face over the next decade. We are passionate about making IT systems faster, better and cheaper using Cloud Technology.

Being proudly part of Xebia, we share three distinct principles: Authority, Focus and Values.

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Working with Xebia Academy

Binx is part of Xebia, a leading global consultancy boutique with over 1,000 consultants across the globe. Our curriculum is part of the complete offering of Xebia Academy, who look after logistical and operational planning and general marketing of our training portfolio.