25 Nov 2020 - 26 Nov 2020

Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo

Interested in the do’s and don’ts of data management in China? Then join Alibaba Cloud and Xebia’s very own Léon Rodenburg at the Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo on November 26 at 10:30.

“When your IT company is planning to enter the Chinese market with one or more of its products, you will very likely run into a plethora of challenges. Legal, technical, and cybersecurity restrictions all apply, while a lot of the technical solutions you might assume to be present cannot be used in China”, explains Léon. “This means that many companies see China as a big risk, especially when it comes to data management and security. Some even give up on China altogether. But by utilizing the right cloud infrastructure, like the one Alibaba Cloud provides, separating your product across regions can ensure your data stays secure and compliant within each locality.”

Key Take-Aways

  • Challenges of expanding into China from a legal, technical, and security perspective
  • An overview of Chinese cloud providers, and specifically, what Alibaba Cloud has to offer for application hosting, data management, and security
  • How to best utilize a multi-region strategy to isolate data in localities
  • Checklist for validating you are ready to start Chinese online operations

About Léon Rodenburg

Léon Rodenburg is a software development consultant at Xebia in The Netherlands, with a background in Computer Science and Chinese linguistics. Lover of cloud-native software engineering and serverless enthusiast.

As a software development consultant, Léon helps companies large and small to more efficiently develop their software products. You will often find him creating cloud-native architectures and tech stacks for new products or training others to do so. For his efforts in setting up a community around Alibaba Cloud in The Netherlands, he was elected as the first Alibaba Cloud MVP in the Benelux.

Apart from his IT endeavors, Léon also majored in Chinese Studies at Leiden University where he graduated with a focus on Chinese linguistics. He has lived in China for over two years, experiencing Chinese (cloud) technology first-hand.

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