23 Feb 2021

Expert Session: Infra as Code with AWS CDK – Fundamentals

Online session, February 23rd, 18:30 CET

Take Control Over Application Infrastructure

Developers are taking more and more control over their application infrastructure. Developing infrastructure as code, however, often requires different tooling and knowledge. The AWS CDK aims to resolve this by allowing you to write code in the language you like and providing you community validated building blocks to compose your application infrastructure.

What Will You Learn?

This session is an introduction to AWS CDK. We’ll learn the fundamentals of the framework and go through the development/deployment workflow. We’ll end with a comparison to other infrastructure as code tools and determine if AWS CDK is valuable to you.

At the end of the session, you are familiar with the concepts of:

  • AWS CDK fundamentals
  • AWS CDK development workflow
  • AWS CDK deployment workflow
  • how AWS CDK compares to CloudFormation/Terraform
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