25 Mar 2021

Google Cloud-Born

Calling all of those shaping the future, building the next generation of applications in the cloud. Join technology leaders at startups and scaleups from across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to inspire your approach to data, architecture, inclusion, and growth with Google Cloud solutions and 10X thinking.

Be sure to familiarise yourself with what you want to watch across the three themes:

The Data Track:   Getting the most out of massive amounts of data with ML/AI: build your own models with BigQuery ML, do anomaly detection in real time, manage ML ops, upskill your baking

The Architecture Track:   Practical guidance on how to choose and deploy an architecture plus the latest innovations in the managed Kubernetes space, serverless and more
The Customer Track:   Intimate, technical conversations with senior technologists at successful startups like Wix and Delivery Hero
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