10 Apr 2020

Google Cloud Fundamentals for Application Developers

Learn the foundational concepts you need to be productive building applications with Google Cloud

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  • Online, instructor-led training with two 2-hour blocks
  • Tickets from €150,-
  • Friday, April 10th – 1 PM CET (GMT+1) – 5 pm CET (GMT+1)

“When you are just getting started with Google Cloud and have experience building applications on traditional infrastructure, this course is for you. Working effectively with Google Cloud requires you to be familiar with a lot of new tools, products, and best practices – you might feel overwhelmed when you are just getting started.

I had that feeling when I first logged into the web console: I didn’t know where to start. Now that I do, I am eager to show others the most efficient way to develop apps on Google Cloud.”

Wietse Venema - Google Cloud Developer Training

– Wietse Venema – Google Cloud Engineer and O’Reilly Author

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When you are finished with this workshop, you will feel confident to get started building an application on Google Cloud. During the online workshop, you will interact with your peers, and perform lots of hands-on challenges using a provided Google Cloud Project and sample applications. 

There are different tracks for Node.js, Java, Go, Rails, and Python developers.

Binx - Icon - ModulesTopics

  • Getting started with Google Cloud
  • Setting up your local environment with the gcloud CLI.
  • Running Code with Cloud Functions, App Engine and Cloud Run
  • Storing user sessions
  • Storing and querying your data: Cloud SQL and Firestore
  • Working with the Google Cloud Client Libraries
  • Debugging Code in production
  • Scheduling work to be performed later (Cloud Scheduler, Cloud Tasks)
  • Build pipelines and deployment

Binx - Icon - BooksAbout the Instructor

Your instructor, Wietse Venema, is the author of the O’Reilly book “Mastering Serverless Applications with Google Cloud Run”. He’s an authorized technical trainer for Google Cloud. With an extensive background in software engineering, he still works hands-on in teams, shipping software every day. He is committed to delivering a great experience for students and gets his energy from making other developers awesome.

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