07 Dec 2020 - 11 Dec 2020

Xebia Academy Webinar Week 2020

Xebia Academy Webinar Week

From 7-11 December 2020 the Xebia Academy Webinar Week takes place. During this week, various experts will dive deep into the latest Digital & IT trends. Over 40 experts in the areas of CloudData & AIDevOpsAgile LeadershipSecurity and Software Engineering will share their unique insights in 30+ separate sessions.

This event is geared towards your career progress by upgrading your existing skills. Ultimately, this will empower you to perform better in your current role, increase your promotion potential, and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Mark van Holsteijn and Martijn van de Grift each host a session around a specific cloud topic.


Wednesday, December

\ How to write your own terraform resource provider

The webinar is intended for the cloud engineer, that does not shy away from writing his/her terraform resource provider in go.

This webinar helps you get started with writing your own terraform resource provider. terraform has a great number of providers, which most of the time will be sufficient to get your job done. But every now and then, you will run into a resource that you need that is not (yet) supported.

In this webinar, we will show you it is not that hard to write your own terraform provider.

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Friday, December 11

\ GCP Storage demystified: What to select for your applications?

If you have the power of the cloud at your disposal, you suddenly have to choose between all different kinds of (managed) storage and databases. What options does Google Cloud Platform have in this category, and how do you make the best choice?

In this session, Martijn walks you through the options you have for your applications. After the presentation, there’s a 30 min Q and A where Martijn can advise you based on your exact use case.

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