Elaine Versloot in the Xebia First Candidates restaurant.

In the Xebia First Candidates restaurant, Xebia business unit managers share what excites them about working for their respective units.

Love is like a cloud migration: Thrilling at the start, but once you get going, you never want to go back.

Smooth Operations

Besides being an avid gamer, Elaine Versloot is also the chief of Operations at cloud boutique Binx.io. Here, she focuses on turning the dynamics of cloud migration and modernization into a smooth operation.

We are looking for people with a passion for cloud. Developing cloud-native applications should be in the blood. We find it just as important that individuals are fun to be around, the social aspect is also very important.

When someone found his or her expertise and can talk about this with passion. I love that! Nothing gets me going more than that excitement in someone’s eye.

Go On a Blind Date With Elaine

Interested to learn more about the way Binx approaches cloud?

Go on a blind business date with Elaine

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