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You’ll design and deploy the most awesome cloud-native infrastructures that are easily maintainable and a joy for developers to use. Sometimes you’ll start from scratch, in other instances, you migrate environments, piece by piece.

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My own employee happiness is a 10 out of 10 I’d say. I feel very privileged to be able to do the things that I do on a daily basis. My job is challenging and fun at the same time. What attracted me to Binx, was the strong focus on a knowledge culture and the large number of individuals that engage with cloud technology on the highest level. – Dennis Vink, Senior Cloud Engineer

Our Offer

Working with us at means that you’ll be amongst extremely talented  colleagues and have access to a personal training budget of €5k per year + 6 study days. We will get angry with you, if you don’t spend it! On top of that, we will offer you a salary that is reflective of the calibre of our professionals. We hire the very best people and expect to compensate them fairly for their work.

More About Your Role

You’ll always engineer a solution that exploits the benefits of the Cloud and is resilient to failure. You design the cloud landing zone, code the infrastructure, and create continuous delivery pipelines. It must provide a high availability and is easy to maintain. When applicable, you assist in the design of serverless applications!

We Make Every Organisation Cloud Native is not your average company. We started because we know that moving to the cloud, is the single most significant technology shift companies will face over the next decade. And in that change, we want to be a benchmark for other organizations. We’re guiding 250 clients as a partner and most important: you’ll only work on projects that you find interesting and have a clear definition of gone.

Share Your Knowledge With Customers

You are not the random “IT guy”. You will train the client’s staff, consult with their architects, and do everything in your power to ensure that the client is confident in the way they work in the cloud. After we’ve met our definition of done, you will immediately move on to the next challenging assignment. Very important: at we have the mission that every assignment must contribute to your personal authority journey.

Your Specs

  • You have a background in software engineering
  • You have obtained a technical Bachelor’s degree or higher, OR you can demonstrate that you possess the required skills and motivation
  • You are experienced with at least one public cloud services platform (AWS, GCP, Azure, Alibaba Cloud)
  • You have at least three years of relevant working experience
  • You are fluent in English, written and verbally, and are confident with the Dutch language

This is your dream job if…

  • You are a cloud engineer with a great passion for the Cloud
  • You are ready to take your career to the next (authority) level
  • You love coding but are able to explain a solution in laymen’s terms as well
  • You want to be part of the Xebia family

This is not your dream job if…

  • You get a kick out of repeating tasks over and over again
  • You believe system administration should be done the hard way
  • You believe that it’s important to have more lines of source code for software to perform well

Sounds good? Come join our team

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How we work

Life at Binx


What We Offer Our Team

Competitive Primary Benefits

The total rewards package is competitive and complete, including stock options and generous pension plan.

Knowledge Exchanges

A Xebia Knowledge Exchange session every fortnite and multiple Innovation Days per year.

Real Training Budget

€5,000 and six days yearly, without a fight. In fact, it’s your obligation to spend it every year. ;-)

Company Car

For every consultancy role, a lease car is part of the package.

Choose Your Laptop and Phone

You pick the hardware you need to get your job done the way you like it best. Newest Macbook? No problem!

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