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Tein de Vries

Cloud Engineer
"It is commonplace that great solutions require effective questions. But effective questions require genuine curiosity, and great curiosity requires a fun but gentle environment. So, I make myself accountable to incentivize the latter."

As a cloud engineer, Tein de Vries combines his background in data science and machine learning with a genuine passion for proper preparation and teamwork. After all, truly knowing why you are doing what you are doing is the key to inspiration. It is the difference between merely thinking about a problem and dreaming about it.

The deeper I agree with what I am attempting to achieve, the more spontaneous I will think about it, the more energy that remains to be spent for depth – Tein de Vries, Cloud Engineer at

For a team to be powerful, it is important to carefully nourish the atmosphere in which naive questions are asked and doubts can be discussed. The only condition being constructive intent. This requires the acceptance that everybody is silly, makes mistakes, and no one is a saint. Mistakes are more dangerous when hidden; vices grow when unforgiven.