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Tein de Vries

Cloud Data Engineer, MLOps
"It is commonplace that simple solutions require precise questions. But precise questions require genuine curiosity. Which, in turn, is inspired by a fun and gentle environment. So, I like to make myself accountable to incentivise the latter."

For a team to be powerful, it is important to carefully nourish the atmosphere in which everyone asks their most naive but enduring question. We are all silly and no one is a saint. The same holds for facilitating doubt. I think that a key to inspiration is truly knowing why. It is the difference between merely thinking about a problem and dreaming about it.

The deeper you agree, the more spontaneous you will think and act, the more playful you will explore ahead.

At Binx, Tein de Vries engineers highly available streams of data and their transformations. Because of his background in unsupervised machine learning research, he likes to enable developers to manage their own MLOps in a way that inspires flow and security.

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