Are you a certified Cloud Engineer or Architect in GCP, AWS or Azure with a background in Software Engineering? Checkout the following six bullets to determine whether binx.io is the employer for you! Do you match? Contact Lars Wilbers via mail or phone to get the process rolling!

At binx.io you solve customer IT problems by engineering solutions by using cloud technology. If the cloud is not the solution, we will pass the assignment to one of our sister companies in the group.

At binx.io you get to be better, every day. We insist that you spend your yearly training budget. Every 2nd Tuesday there is a 5 hour mini-conference with sessions from all the different units within the Xebia Group. Every 6-8 weeks there is an Innovation Day, in which you have a whole day to work on whatever you fancy.

At binx.io you get to choose your own tools. Whether it is your company car, your laptop, your phone or the software you need to do your work. You choose. After 2 years you get to choose again. After 2 years the phone and laptop are yours.

At binx.io you get to work with the best. You will be able to learn from every one of your colleagues. They will inspire you. You will inspire them as you are one of the best too.

At binx.io you get every opportunity to stand out from the crowd. You will get assignments that will help you become an expert. If you give a talk on a conference, we will pay all the expenses. If you want to write an article, we will provide editorial support. If you think an assignment does not support your professional development goals, we will not send you. If you need singing and dancing classes to improve your presentation skills, you get. Whatever it takes.


At binx.io we need you to make a difference and achieve the customer’s goals. You want to successfully complete your assignment and leave a happy and content customer.

About binx.io

We started binx.io because we believe that moving to the cloud is the single most significant technology shift with business impact a company will face over the next decade. We are passionate about making IT systems faster, better and cheaper using Cloud Technology. Being part of Xebia Group, we share three distinct principles: Authority, Focus and Values.


Authority is our big and hairy audacious goal: we aim to be seen by others as the best in applied cloud technology.


Our focus is to share knowledge and provide hands-on expertise on the latest cutting-edge cloud technologies.

Value - People First

You grow. We grow. We facilitate that you can focus on developing your personal authority. We put people first, always.

Value - Sharing Knowledge

Sharing knowledge with customers, colleagues and the community is key in achieving personal authority.

Value - Customer Intimacy

We work to make a difference. We do what is best for the customer. We focus on delivering real customer value.

Value - Quality without Compromise

It is our aspiration to deliver quality without compromise. Our goal is to create delighted customers and bring joy and happiness to you.

About Xebia Group

Xebia Group consists of seven specialized, interlinked companies: Xebia, Xebia Academy, XebiaLabs, StackState, GoDataDriven, Xpirit and binx.io. With offices in Amsterdam and Hilversum (Netherlands), Paris, Delhi, Bangalore and Boston, we employ over 700 people worldwide. In 2016, we generated 77 million in revenue.

Our services and product solutions address digital strategy; agile transformations; DevOps and continuous delivery; big data and data science; cloud infrastructures; agile software development; quality and test automation; and agile software security.

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