Cloud Booster Program

Knowledge Sharing As The Key To Success

Do you want to know everything about cloud services but do you lack time, guidance, or the opportunity to develop these skills in your current job? If that is the situation, enter the Google Cloud Booster. This opportunity is a free and tailor-made skill development program that allows you to tap into all our knowledge, best practices, and experiences. Our aim is simple: To make your cloud skills go through the roof!


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The Cloud. Own It!

True specialists within Xebia and Google design this Cloud Booster program. We want to support talented professionals like you, to develop their skills in a fast-paced yet fun way. Through personal, dedicated mentoring and hands-on training, you’ll gain all the knowledge and skills you need to advance your career as a cloud consultant. In the first month, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge about the basics of Cloud and Constancy. Directly the second month, you’ll start with a project so that you can apply your gained skills to an actual customer.

Is This Something For Me?

This initiative will suite every cloud-hunger professional. In fact: our own people will join the sessions too. So, whether you are an engineer with some exposure to working with the Cloud or a seasoned enthusiast with a wealth of professional experience; this is definitely something for you.

Our Program


As you might know, Binx is part of Xebia. So, when you start with this program, you’ll join the benefits of being a Xebiaan. For the first two days, you’ll join a Bootcamp. Besides practical information, you’ll get to know other new people, enjoy an Escape room, pick up your laptop, and many more. After these days, the Google Cloud Program will start. Check it out!





Phase 1

●  Get the Cloud basics right on a foundational level

●  Gaining consultancy skills – level 1

●  Gaining more knowledge about Infrastructure as Code, Storage, Compute, Serverless, Networking, Containers & Architecture

●  Preparing and presenting a Cloud challenge

●  Achieving the Associate Google Cloud Certification

●  Knows how a regular Binx project goes

2 – 4

Phase 2

● Gaining more knowledge about Cloud Services, Architecture, and Multi-Cloud environments

● Starting at the customer

●  Leading a meeting at the customer (or more)

●  Gaining the Google Cloud Professional Certificate

●  Writing your first blog

●  Presenting your first Xebia Knowledge Exchange

5- 7

Phase 3

●  Coaching new peers

●  Gaining the Google Cloud Architect Certificate

●  Hosting training for the customer

●  Being in the lead at the customer

Our Offer

👉🏻 Permanent contract

👉🏻 Working close with Google

👉🏻 25 Knowledge sessions per year

👉🏻 Healthy lunches @office

👉🏻 €3.900 gadget budget for laptop & phone

👉🏻 €930 mobility budget

👉🏻 Fit program incl. a coach and fitness

👉🏻 Complete pension package

👉🏻 Free day/discount for our company holiday

👉🏻 Savings for a sabbatical

This is your dream job if…

  • You are highly interested in GCP;

  • You are highly self-motivated and you’re willing to go the extra mile for your personal development

  • You have a background in engineering or development;

  • You are up and running quickly and constantly curious

This is not your dream job if…

  • You get a kick out of repeating tasks over and over again

  • You prefer to stay in your comfort zone

  • Learning new things is waste of time for you

Sounds good? Come join our team

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How we work

Life at Binx


What We Offer Our Team

Competitive Primary Benefits

The total rewards package is competitive and complete, including stock options and generous pension plan.

Knowledge Exchanges

A Xebia Knowledge Exchange session every fortnite and multiple Innovation Days per year.

Real Training Budget

€5,000 and six days yearly, without a fight. In fact, it’s your obligation to spend it every year. ;-)

Company Car

For every consultancy role, a lease car is part of the package.

Choose Your Laptop and Phone

You pick the hardware you need to get your job done the way you like it best. Newest Macbook? No problem!

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The Binx team

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