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Migrating a Spend Management Platform to GCP


Visma venture ProActive worked with Binx to migrate its spend management platform to the Google Cloud Platform.

The migration of our products from SaaS to cloud-native is a major project of strategic importance for Visma. By working with Binx we knew that we had the right people for the job. The migration has been executed efficiently and best-practices around security, cost efficiency, and performance optimization have been taken into account.

Dirk Bonenkamp CTO

Technical Details

Business | IT Cloud Engineering Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes Terraform

The challenge

Traditionally, ProActive has been offering a SaaS based product. To make their offering future-proof, ProActive decided to refactor their product to run on Google Cloud Platform. The objective of the migration is to launch a completely cloud-native spend management tool called Spend Cloud.

The Solution

Binx worked on the containerization of the different services and deployed these on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Data storage was migrated to CloudSQL and Cloud MemoryStore/Redis. To manage automated, deterministic and repeatable deployments, Binx selected and implemented Gitlab with its GKE integration. Logging and monitoring is provided by Stackdriver. Finally, Binx consultant Constantijn Visinescu implemented Terraform, an open-source infrastructure-as-code software tool created by HashiCorp that enables users to define and provision infrastructure-as-code.

The results

After the cloud migration, the management infrastructure, as well as auto-scaling of the platform, is handled by Google Cloud Platform. Binx implemented Terraform, an open-source infrastructure as code software tool created by HashiCorp that enables users to define and provision infrastructure-as-code. This has resulted in more time for ProActive to focus on product development.

About the customer

ProActive, part of Visma, is the company behind the Spend Cloud, a complete solution in which you can easily manage expenditures.

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