Migrating YourSurprise from On-Prem to GCP


Together with YourSurprise, Binx executed the entire migration of the infrastructure to GCP. Along the way, Binx coached and trained the internal YourSurprise team on their cloud skills.

We were on a tight schedule to migrate our platform to GCP. With the help of Binx, we’ve been able to successfully move the platform in time. Binx was an important factor in getting this done and sharing their knowledge with our team along the way.

Arne Timmerman CTO

Technical Details

Cloud Cloud Engineering Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes Retail Terraform

Binx Team

Mark van Holsteijn Chief Technology

The challenge

With an assortment of more than 3,000 gifts, YourSurprise is active in over 22 countries. A robust and backend infrastructure is a prerequisite for the constant flow of customer orders and order production. YourSuprised experienced many outages from its on-premise hosting provider, that’s why they decided to resolve this by moving the entire infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The Solution

The Google Cloud Platform stack consisted of Google Kubernetes Engine, CloudSQL, Cloud VPN and Google Cloud Storage. The team started by containerizing the first applications. Binx bootstrapped the team with cloud-native best practices, and helped them implement their entire infrastructure as code using terraform. To work autonomously, the team was coached on cloud-native mindset and methodology.

The results

For the migration of the infrastructure, YourSurprise called in the help of Binx, and together they managed to execute the entire migration in only a few months. The entire migration was completed in time for Mother’s Day 2019. On that day, YourSurprise recorded an all-time high in single-day revenues. Now, the team works autonomously on GCP to further develop their platform.

Cloud Migration eBook

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About the customer

From creating personalized songs on an attic, YourSurprise has grown to become one of the largest online personalized gifts shops in Europe.

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