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KNAB is an online bank that needs to provide the right insurance product to the right customer. At KNAB, Xebia Group set-up the data infrastructure on AWS and developed models that are both used internally to optimize processes as well as externally to provide customers with the best experience.

KNAB needs to be able to deploy models and bring them into production easily, without the need for a data engineer to productionize the model everytime. It is difficult to run these types of workflows on traditional infrastructure.

GoDataDriven (part of Xebia Group) developed a model that recognizes individual website behavior and profiles website visitors based on this by clustering them. The model lives in a container on ECS. When the model is published, it is build inside this container and then released. The added value of ECS here is that it is a very scalable solution, so when there is a performance peak, the end user is not impacted by this.

Model for lead generation: data from Salesforce, Hubspot, and internal data is combined and analyzed in batch on EMR and Spark, using a model developed by GoDataDriven. The analysis is distributed to Salesforce on a daily basis.