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Xebia Group is helping NN Group, a large multinational financial services company with 15,000 employees worldwide, to move their application landscape to the cloud on a centrally managed, but 100% self- service AWS platform. Our consultants helped NN in engineering the platform to empower teams by providing speed and autonomy, while maintaining control and enforcing compliance centrally. At the moment we are delivering the product ownership for the entire global AWS platform.

AWS is used to onboard NN’s existing applications, but also all new applications are built on AWS as standard. About 50 teams and 300 developers work with the services of our product owner. In addition to the technical side we ensure that users are being trained, we organize onboarding and inspiration sessies, and help teams to work with AWS.

We faced two major contradicting challenges. First, the solution we engineered has to be scalable and consumable in a self-service way by a broad variety of teams. However, the autonomy given to the teams should never violate NN’s compliance standard, because they are a heavily regulated financial company. We centralized and automated all compliance controls to avoid derailment of the application teams, while still empowering teams by providing speed and autonomy. We use CI/CD and complete infrastructure as code to setup, control and constantly change the global platform.