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Streaming Tesla videos to Cloud

“Some very smart people have worked out how to make your Tesla believe your Pi Zero W is a USB drive, this then uploads your saved clips and Sentry mode events to either a local NAS or Online service when you connect to WiFi.”

Instruqt AWS Security track

Working on a new security Instruqt track for AWS

Cloud Bigdata Specialist: are you ready?

Are you ready to be an AWS certified Bigdata specialist? We both passed the exam recently and have prepared a Kahoot quiz to test your readiness. The winner gets a 50% AWS Exam discount.

BUM-Ops intervisie

Intervisie voor de BUMs in een Ops rol.

Build a Docker Image the Hard Way (rerun)

Who needs a Dockerfile anyway? In this DIY workshop I will teach you how to build a docker image using nothing but your bare hands (and a text editor). Join me and build your first hand-crafted image.

School of life - Conversation Cards, learn how to start a great conversation

It isn’t easy to get into a good conversation. Many of our best ones seem to have happened by chance. But did you know that a great conversation always starts with someone asking a great question? In pairs of two, we are going to roll the wheel of fortune of the School of Life conversation starter cards and get some real conversations going about love, life, culture and family.

Bootstrapping a serverless CI/CD pipeline on GCP with terraform

During the day I want to create a template terraform project which can be used to bootstrap a CI/CD pipeline for your serverless applications on GCP, using the serverless CI/CD services implemented as Infrastructure as code using terraform.

All the CloudFormation Custom Providers required to implement true infrastructure as code

At COIN, we have created a large number of custom providers to ensure that all infrastructure configuration is kept under version control and that 0 manual changes are required to rollout an update or create a totally new environment. In this talk we will walk through all of them, discuss some design choices in managing our 85 (!) CloudFormation templates.

The how and why of rugby

If you have ever seen a rugby match you probably have wondered what the deal is with those players piling up on the ground. Maybe you asked yourself what actually happens in a scrum, or how points are scored.

Come to this talk and I will explain how the game is played and why it is awesome!

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