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AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty: Exam prep

Preparing for AWS’s Big data specialty exam.

Serverless: How to Deploy Applications Across Cloud Providers, an Introduction to Knative

Serverless computing is the latest hype in cloud computing. In the presentation I will introduce you to Knative, which is the abstraction which allows you to create serverless applications, without sacrificing portability across cloud providers. A serverless demo across AWS, Alibaba Cloud and Google Cloud is included.

Serverless: Hello Cloud Run

Hello Cloud Run! Push a container image and get an HTTPS endpoint back.

First we will work through a very short Instruqt track that will teach you to build a container with Cloud Build, and deploy it with Cloud Run.

When that’s done, I will help you get a deeper understand of the platform. At the end of the session, you will know what makes Cloud Run unique.

Recruitment gesprek Binx

Closed session

Building an outdoor noise sensor network using LoRaWAN

In this workshop we are going to build an outdoor noise sensor network using LoRA WAN sensors and a LoRA WAN gateway from the Things Network.

We need to build a sensor and sensor casing that can be hung outside, install the LoRa WAN gateway and setup a data collector in the cloud.

AWS Certified Big Data Speciality

Preparing for AWS’s Certified Big Data Speciality exam.

The What and Why of Serverless MOVED TO 2.10

This session is a gentle introduction to serverless. You will learn about the key components that make up the serverless offering on Google Cloud. I will also explain why and when you would want to use it, and what the concerns are.

This talk is at an intro level. It is for you if you have an engineering background, but never really took the time to figure out what serverless is all about.

Trial run for GoDataFest

Caraoke. One Model 3, 5 seats.

The Model 3 now has Caraoke, in-car Karaoke. Max 5 concurrent participants.

Experiences and best practices moving to the Cloud

In this AWS Meetup Jeroen Sciaroni and Mark van Holsteijn share their experience gained in moving organizations to the Cloud.

How to modernize applications with Cloud-Native best practices

Everybody wants to move to the Cloud, greenfield style. Unfortunately, most of you will be moving existing applications and application landscapes to the cloud. In this talk, I would like to discuss a number of best practices from the Cloud Native world, that help you modernise existing applications and immediately utilise a lot of benefits that Cloud has to offer. The practices focus on removing variation, waste and toil from the software delivery process and improving overall reliability and predictability.

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