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AWS Technical Professional Course

This course covers fundamental, technical knowledge of AWS cloud computing, global infrastructure, services, common solutions, migration, security, and compliance. It is intended to empower learners to make informed decisions about IT solutions based on customer business requirements. Take an assessment to earn the AWS Technical Professional Accreditation.

This course is an self-paced video. New to AWS, this is your session. Already familiar with AWS, this is your session as well (but probably you’re finished in 1 to 2 hrs). During this evening we’ll ensure AWS specialists are nearby.

Learning Kong API Gateway using Instruqt

The Kong API Gateway is an elegant and simple API gateway. This workshop will start with a short introduction into the 3 main concepts of Kong, followed by a self-guided hands-on Instruqt workshop!

Cloud Technology for Non-Techies

We’ve got a little intro (15 min) on what cloud is, and we’ll answer all your questions. - Where’s the cloud? - Why/how is the cloud invented? - How does it work today? - Is it secure? Is it expensive? Or cheap? Is it hard to learn? - Which clients can benefit from cloud? What’s beyond the cloud?

And all other questions you would like to ask the experts. For het experts it’s a challenge as well, to answer these questions without diving into the technical details. So please join if you want to learn about cloud and improve your explanation skills!

pentesting AWS

Discussion on penetration testing on AWS

Q1 2018 AWS Meetups

New AWS Amsterdam Meetups planned for Q1 2018:

Jan 31 @ Xebia: Well-Architected Framework @ Coolblue, Secure your AWS Access, even more!

Feb 27 @ Xebia: Event-Driven Serverless Architectures, Continuous Delivery with Serverless

Mar 14 @ WeTransfer: TBA



Going to AWS re:Invent this year? And living in the Netherlands? Join slack account “Dutch-reinvent” to meet, prepare together, and find your Dutch friends in Vegas!

27.11 - 01.12 Las Vegas reinvent.awsevents.com

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Join the AWS Amsterdam Meetup on November 8th, where Mark van Holsteijn will talk about AWS CloudFormation Custom Resources and Amer Grgic will take you trough the steps on creating Alexa Skills, using Flask-Ask, Lambda, Rekognition and the Amazon API Gateway.

Slides Hands-on AWS CloudFormation Custom Resources


migration tool Amazon ECS to Kubernetes

In this day we will create create a migration tool which will migrate an Amazon ECS cluster to a Kubernetes deployment and visa versa. If you have an interesting ECS or Kubernetes project to test the tool and or you want to participate in building a-tool-in-a-day, join us!

AWS Architecting Workshops

In the second part of this session, I would like to challenge you to create a whiteboard design in small groups, and present the designs as well. The rest of the audience will act as ‘the board’ and we’ll have a short debate about your team’s design.

AWS Architecting (rerun)

During this talk I’ll use digital designs and whiteboard designs to explain the AWS well-architected framework, Cloud Adoption Framework and general AWS Best Practices. We’ll start with some easy setups for people who haven’t done much or anything with AWS, but will quickly move to more comprehensive architectures for the more experienced people.

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