Working from home – 13 tips to stay sane

apr 29, 2020

At times, working from home can be challenging. At the same time, it can also be very rewarding to have the opportunity to spend more time around the house. In this booklet, the Binx consultants share 13 tips (and 1 bonus tip) on how to stay sane while working from home.

Look out for some hidden gems in the pictures:

  • Funny mugs
  • Hidden hand creams
  • Photobombing’kids
  • Collectable stones
    and more.

We hope you enjoy this booklet.

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Thirteen Tips For Working at Home

Tip 1: Turn commute time into gym time

Turn commute time into home gym time. Suddenly, this makes traffic jams feel not so bad at all.

Tip 2: Put the music on

Put the music on. Loud. And maybe, just maybe, pull off a little

Tip 3: Adjust the seat and settings

Make sure your chair provides the right support and your monitor is at the right height.

Tip 4: Work from the couch

It is no crime to work from the couch every now and then.

Tip 5:Be rigorous with your schedule

Let go of the 9-to-5 but be rigorous with your schedule; your monkey brain will thank you for it.

Tip 6: Be less efficient with the coffee run

Be less efficient. For most, home is smaller than the office. Grab only one drink on your coffee run.

Tip 7: Smoke a cigar behind your desk

Coffee is so pre-WFH. Smoke a cigar. Behind your desk. Go on, indulge yourself.

Tip 8: Get into the state of flow

Use flow to increase your effectiveness. Lose all distractions and go deep on your backlog!

Tip 9: Go out and play

Cherish the extra family time. Once the labor is out of the way, go all out and play.

Tip 10: Make lunch work for you

Make lunch work for you! Boil 2 eggs, add Udon noodles and cooked veggies. Top off with some nori sushi. Yum!

Tip 11: Eat lunch outside

Keep your house tidy. Eat lunch outside.

Tip 12: Reward yourself

Work hard, eat healthy. On top of this, take a moment each day to reward yourself for accomplishments.

Tip 13: Reset the brain

Take regular breaks away from the screen. A little car ride can help to reset the brain.

Bonus tip: Laugh more often

Humor heals. Instead of using SnapCam, dress up for real in a meeting.

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