21 okt 2019

AWS Cloud Workout

A knowledge-intensive, fun and interactive day where you acquire the required skills for AWS certifications

This AWS Cloud Workout combines the vibe of a conference with the skill development of proper hands-on training. After a healthy lunch and a warming up the high-intensity learning starts.

All topics are covered by just the theory you need to get your hands dirty. The hands-on challenges on the Instruqt learning platform go in-depth. After every block, you feel energized by the new skills you have just developed.


13:00 Healthy lunch
14:00 CloudFormation basics with VPC and ECS Fargate
15:00 Building a Serverless Web App
16:00 Drinks and snacks
16:30 Setup a Data Pipeline and Data Lake
18:00 Dinner
19:00 AI and ML Image Recognition
20:00 Bring it all together now
21:00 Cooling Down| Award ceremony & drinks

Exercises AWS Cloud Workout

AWS Cloud Workout - Powered by Binx

You’ll gain the hands-on experience required for the core AWS certificates, and to use in your daily work as a Cloud Engineer.

AWS services covered during the AWS Cloud Workout include e.g.:

  • CloudFormation
  • Serverless Application Model (SAM)
  • Lambda
  • API Gateway
  • ECS Fargate
  • DynamoDB
  • Rekognition
  • Amplify
  • S3
  • VPC
  • Athena
  • Glue
  • Firehose
  • Kinesis

Who Can Join?

You have some experience with AWS and are interested in the details of AWS. During this cloud workout, the challenge lies in the many details that you normally do not encounter on a daily basis, and the speed with which you will learn and build the AWS solutions.

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