27 mei 2020

Google Solving Together

In the past months, IT leaders and teams have faced difficult challenges. Binx has been working together with GCP to solve these challenges.

In this conference, together with Google, we’ll share learnings and solutions that we’re finding to be the most helpful: whether your organization is recovering, adjusting or building for the future.

Over 20 Sessions across five common challenge areas

Track 1 – Solving for Operational Efficiency
Spend less while doing more in the cloud

Track 2 – Solving for Business Continuity
Resilience, reliability, scalability and security in a fluctuating world

Track 3 – Solving for Video Conferencing
Get the most out of remote working with Google Meet video conferencing

Track 4 – Solving for Secure Collaboration
Secure, simple, and reliable. Learn all about G Suite

Track 5 – Solving Together Fireside Chats
IT leaders share how the past months have changed their future plans

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