09 mrt 2021

Expert Session: Playing With Leds

Online session, March 9th, 16:00 CET

How To Make Your Own Led Bow Tie

Last year, we decided it would be cool to have a custom-made, IOT enabled bow tie for the yearly Christmas party at Xebia, which of course involves plenty of blinking lights. In this talk, we’ll guide you through the making process and show you the end result. We will go over the challenges we’ve faced, and the lessons learned which might help you on your own custom PCB building experience with a case made in Autodesk Fusion 360!

The first concept of the Binx Blinxie

Two Are Better Than One

Engaging two minds on the same problem results in a solution being developed faster and to a higher quality than if just one person was working on it alone, or in a Led Bow Tie. Lotte Laan and Wouter De Geus both Cloud Consultants, are in a relationship with each other and bring that synergy to their projects at Binx. Having been colleagues at different companies over the course of their relationship, they understand that their best work comes from collaborating as equals and that the sum is often greater than its parts. Now they created their own Led Bow Tie and they want to share their insights with you!

Tinkering on the Binx Blinxie


  • Set requirements
  • Choosing the right components
  • Designing your own PCB
  • Soldering
  • Creating a 3d printed case
  • Ship it!
Soldering on the Binx Blinxie
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