24 jun 2021

Google Cloud – Solutions for Security

How Google Cloud helps you to conduct your business securely

Security is about managing business risks. You want to take the measures that are necessary, but not overdo it. GCP offers various services and a shared responsibility model that allow you to manage your risks and leave a lot of the technical details to Google. In this event, seasoned security experts Rishalin Pillay (Google) and Laurens Baardman (Xebia Security) share insights on how you can effectively gain insight into your security risks and demonstrate how GCP can help you minimize these risks.

Leverage Google’s experience with delivering secure services over the internet to innovate in the cloud  


Rishalin Pillay - Google Cloud

Rishalin Pillay, Security Practice Lead Google Cloud Benelux

Laurens Baardman Xebia

Laurens Baardman, Security Expert Xebia Security

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