28 nov 2019

Securely sharing sensitive data in the cloud

November 28th we’re heading to the Xebia office in Amsterdam for a talk on sharing highly secure data (like medical records) using Google cloud.

18:30 – Doors open & food
19:00 – Talk
20:00- Drinks
20:30 – End

Securely sharing sensitive data in the cloud
Gus Maskowitz – Gospel Technology

Securing data is an understood task – it’s doable and achievable if you work hard and pay attention. Securing shared data is a mess of all-or-nothing access, contracts and hope: handing over data en mass and hoping it goes well. Gospel Technology has worked out how to solve the problem – we use a blockchain like technology for creating a fool-proof audit log and methods for consensus on READING data OUT to ensure reads are always logged and only granted to those with permissions, even as your data extends into a partner organisation, far beyond your access controls and policy enforcing middleware.

About the speaker: Gus Maskowitz heads up Gospel Technology’s Developer Relations. He is a former Google Developer Advocate and Rackspace engineer.

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