Cloud Billing

All of your cloud spend aggregated into one single invoice and visualized in an interactive dashboard.

For many organizations, keeping track of cloud cost is a tedious task. With multiple departments and teams who use their own credit cards to consume cloud services, it is easy for the IT-department to lose control of the cloud consumption.

The interactive dashboards of Cloud Billing provide real-time insight in the cloud consumption. The Finance department will appreciate the monthly aggregated invoice they can process seamlessly.

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With Cloud Billing, organizations have a complete picture of the cloud consumption across the entire organization, even when this involves multiple cloud platforms. Clients receive specified invoices of all the cloud services used within the organization. On top of this, clients receive access to an interactive dashboard with real-time usages stats.

For any questions, the Cloud Control team is an extension of your organization. This highly-specialized team is only a phone call or message away and has only one objective: to create the most effective cloud environment for you.

Besides insights in the cloud consumption and the associated costs, organizations receive notifications of anomalies and potential points of improvement. With Cloud Billing, organizations gain total control on their cloud investments, without spending an extra euro.

Cloud Control also offers solutions for organizations that are used to more traditional IT procurement (CapEx). An example is the option to purchase bundles of cloud credits upfront based on the expected cloud consumption.

Support and Aggregated Invoices – No Additional Cost

All of the benefits of Cloud Billing come without any additional costs compared to a direct invoicing relationship with a cloud provider. A big bonus for our clients!