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At Binx we are committed to making every organization cloud-native. A lack of knowledge should not stop you from adopting the cloud. At Binx, we’re committed to making every organization cloud-native. That’s why we offer a cloud learning journey for everyone. We are the only training center that is authorized to deliver Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform training.

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As the only authorized training partner of Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform, our training programs put your skills where they should be—at the top.

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Part of Xebia Academy

Binx is part of Xebia Group, a leading global consultancy boutique with over 1,000 consultants across the globe. Our complete training portfolio is part of the extensive curriculum offered and administered by Xebia Academy.

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Meet the Experts

We started Binx because we believe that cloud-native organizations are more innovative, have a more effective IT organization and simply are cooler.

As the complexities of ‘raw infrastructure’ diminish, higher-level complexities come into existence – creating a need for specialist knowledge, guidance, and hands-on support.

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