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Migrating to the cloud is more than simply saying goodbye to your data center. It’s a technological shift that impacts your entire business. Going cloud-native is a people business. Rely on Binx to define and manage the transformation process.

Change by Executing the Right Strategy – the Right Way.

We can help you to define a target cloud operating model and manage the entire cloud migration process. Not only do we bring your IT to the cloud, we establish multidisciplinary teams that work together to deliver real customer value and make all stakeholders happy.

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Target Cloud Operating Model

Migrating to the cloud has an impact on your organization, people, process, and technology. Following the right migration strategy is key to realize your cloud target operating model.



To deliver value, teams need to possess autonomy on both architecture and business capabilities. This autonomy creates clear responsibilities and enables the highest possible velocity for change. An autonomous business capability is a multi-disciplinary unit in the organization which is capable of delivering business value to the customer without being dependent on other business capabilities.

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Moving to the cloud and an agile way of working with Continuous Delivery has a significant impact on the required tasks and skills of the people working at your teams. In the multidisciplinary teams the traditional boundary between IT and business is removed, eliminating the processes required to maintain it. The Agile way of working requires management to relinquish control and delegating responsibilities to the teams.
Also, as the cloud platform itself takes away all of the work associated with running your own data centre, like provisioning, installation, and configuration. Your team needs to familiarize itself with the self-service availability of the services in the cloud platform and the fully automated software delivery pipelines for systems and applications takes away all of the installation and configuration work. We will train, re-skill and coach the team members to work in the cloud environment.

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The value for your customers and the requirements of the stakeholders will be stated in a clear, quantified and measurable way, using SMART defined KPI’s. The performance of the capabilities is continuously measured and monitored, allowing the teams to use the information to prioritize their efforts.

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The preferred way of packaging applications for Cloud architectures is a (Docker) container image. This allows for a completely standardized infrastructure to deploy and run different applications in an uniform way.

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Plan Your Journey to the Cloud

Cloud Maturity Scan

Before you can start moving towards your target operating model, it's essential to define a starting point. The Cloud Maturity Scan provides the baseline for your cloud migration.

The Cloud Maturity Scan is a practical assessment of your existing infrastructure and application landscape, skill level, operational efficiency, security, governance, and cost. The scan gives you a clear and actionable overview of your organization’s cloud maturity. Based on the findings, we will recommend steps to remediate and move ahead.

The Cloud Maturity Scan is executed during a three-week timeframe by a cloud engineer from Binx. This execution includes:

  • kick-off with all major stakeholders.
  • Interviews with employees whose work involves cloud technology.
  • technical assessment with code and architecture reviews.
  • An analysis of your organization’s cloud technology capabilities based on the outcomes of interviews and reviews
  • map of the findings plotted on organization, people, process, and technology.
  • final presentation to all major stakeholders that showcases the organization’s strengths and weakness, best possible next actions, and focus areas.

Getting Organized

Defining the Cloud Program

With the end in mind and the findings from the Cloud Maturity Scan as starting point, we will work with internal customers and stakeholders to define the cloud migration program.

This cloud migration program includes:

  • Architecture design
  • Project plan to refactor or re-platform existing applications
  • Definition of the governance model
  • Security guidelines
  • Learning journeys
  • Cost management guidelines

Hello, This Is Your Captain Speaking

Manage the Transformation Process

Our program managers work closely with all the stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition to the target operating model.

Binx and Xebia Group have worked with enterprises on transformation programs. We’re in this journey together. Throughout the process, knowledge is transferred, empowering your organization for future success on its cloud journey.

Our Work

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We're a group of passionate, experienced cloud enthusiasts who love helping enterprises migrate their workloads to the cloud. We also refactor and develop mission-critical, cloud-native applications. We transform organizations by establishing and training multidisciplinary teams that work together to deliver real customer value.

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