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Thijs de Vries

Cloud Consultant
"Certified and experienced Amazon Web Services & Google Compute Platform Cloud Consultant. Leveraging Cloud-native, Continuous Delivery & DevOps techniques and mindset. Thijs want to help your business deliver value to your customers using the Cloud."

Whether it is mowing the lawn, riding his oldtimer motorbike, sailing, or creating extremely scalable cloud landscapes: Creating things with his hands or with his brain and to make it work, that is what gets Thijs in the flow.

For Thijs, Binx is a group of people that really get going for cool, innovative stuff. People who are not afraid to do things differently. Maybe it is not the way that you used to do it, but given the circumstances is the best way. In those types of situations, that’s where we are able to leverage cloud technologies the most.

We dare to say what’s best for you, and we dare to do exactly that.

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