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At Binx, we are often asked to review cloud workloads. For these reviews, normally we look at the implementation of many aspects, like automation and security. After the review, we typically advise on best practices and remediation.

With cost management being a top priority for every organization, we offer a free intake to uncover potential cost reductions.

Interested in the most common ways to reduce the cost of a cloud platform? In this article, we discuss five ways to minimize your cloud spend.

Free Intake to Indicate Potential Cost Reduction

Hardly any infrastructure is engineered to perfection. This has to do with unknowns, like load and runtime, before launching workloads. Often, the costs for workloads that have been taken into production can be reduced significantly.

To support organizations in the current challenging times, we offer a free intake. During the call, we will uncover potential savings on your monthly cloud bill. If potential savings are indicated, we can support you with an optional extensive review and remediation. In some cases, the cloud provider will be able to support you with the cost of the remediation by offering cloud credits.

This offer is available for every major cloud: Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud.

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