eBook Cloud-Native Software Development

Everything-as-Code: the Unprecedented Potential of Cloud-Native Software Development

Very few projects do not involve the cloud, requiring expertise in both software development and cloud engineering. To better understand how these roles overlap and gain insight into how they will evolve, three experts and two international organizations share their experiences with cloud-native software development.

ebook cloud-native software development

A 360 degrees perspective

Luca Cavallin and Maarten Baijs, Binx cloud engineers, and Léon Rodenburg, Xebia software consultant/Alibaba Cloud MVP, discuss the benefits of cloud-native software development over traditional software development. Maarten Smeets from Mendix shares how he led the way to establish the Mendix Cloud in China, while Thorsten Lampe discusses how he grew online distribution platform Asellion from within Covestro.

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After reading this ebook, you will be able to:

  • explain what cloud-native software development is
  • indicate the key differences between software development and cloud engineering
  • determine common implementation obstacles
  • recognize the competitive advantages of cloud-native software development

Asellion: Innovative Distribution Channel Turns Excess Stock into Revenue

Leading polymer and high-performance plastics producer, Covestro saw an opportunity to innovate the way they bring products to the market. With excess stock being a challenge for them and many others in this market, the company aimed to turn excesses into revenue through a unique distribution concept.

Mendix: Bringing a Low-Code Platform to the Chinese Market

Mendix offers very economical deployment options, enhancing Low Code with Low Ops. Servicing makers in China meant making a specific Mendix Cloud available on local infrastructure.