Google Cloud: Here You Come!


The GCP Fundamentals Training of March 18 was a big success. The next session is scheduled for June 8. Register for this session here.

Questions and common issues:


  • My account seems to be blocked

Make sure you use the labs only for the purpose as described, also make sure you use the correct credentials. If in any case your account will be blocked, contact Qwiklabs support.

  • I have completed 5 labs where can I check my status

You can check your status in ‘My Learning’, here is an overview of the completed courses. If completed you should see a green V. If one step is not correct or forgotten the green V won’t show up.

  • I can’t paste or copy within the labs

Check your browser version and/or preferences.

  • Until when can I use the Qwiklabs?

You can use the Qwiklabs till Monday 22th of March, however you will obtain the certificate of attendance after showing at least 5 labs covered (share screenshot via this form or mail to ). So if you have problems with 1 lab this won’t mean you can’t obtain the certificate.

Important steps

  • Make sure you follow registration steps set out on this landing page.
  • Make sure you use the correct credentials from the lab every time you start a new one.
  • Make sure you use an incognito window every time.
  • If you do not see the labs, make sure you are using the mail address you registered with for this particular session.
  • If you have completed a lab there will be a green V showing that it is completed, this overview can be found in ‘My learning’. Make sure you completed all tasks correctly, only then the green V will be shown.