Google Cloud - Solutions for Security

June 24th from 15:00 – 16:00 CET

How Google Cloud helps you to conduct your business securely

Security is about managing business risks. You want to take the measures that are necessary, but not overdo it. GCP offers various services and a shared responsibility model that allow you to manage your risks and leave a lot of the technical details to Google. In this event, seasoned security experts Rishalin Pillay (Google) and Laurens Baardman (Xebia Security) share insights on how you can effectively gain insight into your security risks and demonstrate how GCP can help you minimize these risks.

Leverage Google’s experience with delivering secure services over the internet to innovate in the cloud  

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15:00 Welcome and Introduction

15:05 Introduction to Google Cloud Security

Speaker: Laurens Baardman, Xebia Security

15:30 A simple form – More vulnerabilities than meet the eye.

Speaker: Rishalin Pillay, Security Practice Lead Benelux, Google Cloud

15:55 Q&A

16:00 End

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Cloud Security

Ambitious organizations require IT infrastructure that is scalable and secure, as this allows them to focus on your business objectives. Besides obvious advantages like ‘pay-for-what-you-use’, access to the latest technology, and enterprise-level network, cloud also provides infrastructure security regardless of your business size and easy experimentation with your ideas.

From the secure defaults of the GCP services, to the observability of potential threats on your assets, to managing vulnerabilities when they occur; GCP works together with you to prevent, detect and respond to security risks and allow you to focus on your business objectives.

Intended Audience

This event is perfect for team leads, product managers, IT directors, engineering managers and other professionals that are interested to learn more about potential risks of cloud infrastructure and how to avoid them using cloud services.

Topic 1: Introduction to Cloud Security

Speaker: Laurens Baardman, security expert Xebia Security

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to managing security risks
  • CIA-triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability)
  • Common cloud security mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Top 5 essential security controls everyone should be using
  • Threat modeling
  • How to prevent, detect, and respond to security issues
  • Introduction to GCP Services
  • Audit/logging, vulnerability scanners and managers

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Laurens Baardman

Security expert Xebia Security

Laurens Baardman Xebia

Laurens is a Security Consultant for Xebia with a background as an offensive security specialist and information security officer. He currently focuses on enabling organizations to effectively leverage the cloud for secure operations. He combines technical skills with a risk-based approach to maximize the business value of security solutions.
Laurens likes to be engaged in solving complex problems that pose a risk for information security. He likes to achieve this by shifting left security and effectively using technical solutions that support both engineers and compliance departments.

Topic 2: A simple form – More vulnerabilities than meet the eye.

Speaker: Rishalin Pillay, Security Practice Lead Benelux, Google Cloud

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About Rishalin Pillay

Rishalin Pillay - Google Cloud

Rishalin Pillay has over 14 years of cybersecurity experience across multiple disciplines such as Offensive Security, Cloud Security, Threat Hunting, Incident Response and more.

He is an active author for Pluralsight, authoring a number of courses ranging from “Red Team Tools”, “Threat Protection” and more. Rishalin has authored a book titled “Learn Penetration Testing” and has served as a technical contributor to many books ranging from Dark Web Analysis, Kali Linux, SECOPS, and study guides across Networking and Microsoft.

He holds the Microsoft Content Publisher Gold and Platinum awards for his contributions made towards the Cybersecurity Industry, including the Event Speaker Gold award for public influential speaking at Tier-1 business events.

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15:00 Welcome and Introduction

15:05 Data-Driven Banking – Vision of Google Cloud on Finance.

Speaker: Wiljo van Beek, Principal Architect Financial Services Google

15:30 High-Frequency Data Processing – Implementing Cloud-Based Scalable Infrastructures for High-Frequency trading.

Speaker: Diederik Greveling, ML Engineer GoDataDriven

15:55 Q&A

16:00 End