The Cloud Magazine

Every now and then, Binx publishes a Cloud Magazine. This editorial combines in-depth articles around cloud platforms with real-life project reports, background stories, and helps you to get to know the cloud —as well as the people at Binx— a bit better.

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Cloud Magazine #2

The second edition of Cloud Magazine covers the main results of Cloud Survey 2020 and an interview with O'Reilly author Wietse Venema about his book "Mastering Serverless Applications with Google Cloud Run". Our cloud consultants shared various articles, ranging from tips to enable Firestore from Terraform, ways to limit access to AWS resources based on SAML attributes using CloudFormation, to sharing their experiences with finding Google Cloud Platform services dependencies. There was even some room left to feature a customer story from KNAB and 13 tips to stay sane while working from home

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Cloud Magazine 2 - By Binx


Cloud Magazine #1

The first edition of Cloud Magazine featured articles about AWS CloudFormation, serverless version of Cfn-flip, faster and easier ways to deploy Scala-based Lambdas to AWS, and features to generate temporary AWS credentials.

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Cloud Magazine 1 - Binx