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The footprint of Cloud Computing is growing and more organizations are deciding where and how to position the Cloud in their IT strategy. The effects of adopting Cloud reach beyond the IT department and can strongly influence sales, marketing, finance, product and business development professionals.

Examples of changes to understand are the different Cloud concepts (public, private, hybrid, multi), the difference between providers such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, the financial shift from CAPEX to OPEX, funding programs, compliance and regulations and the most common business drivers, benefits and risks of Cloud Computing.

What You'll Learn


  • Public Cloud Principles
  • Data centre vs. Public cloud
  • What is Cloud Native?
  • Security and infrastructure
  • Cloud strategies
  • Pricing and procurement
  • first hand client use cases
  • Hands on assignment, using the cloud

This training is perfect for...

Business professionals, executives, managers, sales, product owners, and project leaders. To follow this training, no prior knowledge or experience is required. It helps you understand the principles and possibilities of Public Cloud.

After this training:

During eight modules split over three afternoons we teach business professionals what they must know about the Cloud. After this training you are comfortable with the concepts of cloud computing and understand Cloud from different business perspectives. We include a hands-on session to first hand experience the Cloud on the last day of the training, completely guided by our trainers and no technical knowledge is required.

In company:

If provided in-company we customize this training together with the client for your industry and address possible questions and / or problem definitions. We guarantee this through a discovery session. In three afternoons a Cloud Strategy Consultant and a Senior Cloud Engineer handle eight different parts to bring you “up to speed” on Cloud.

Meet your instructor

Mark van Holsteijn is a senior software systems architect, and CTO of He is passionate about removing waste in the software delivery process and keeping things clear and simple. Using Cloud Technology to achieve this is one of his favourite party tricks. He has been moving customers to the cloud, since 2013. He delivers customer value by quantifying goals and applying an evolutionary approach to systems engineering. In his spare time, he takes only cold showers, likes to play golf, bicycle and yoga.

The Right Format For Your Preferred Learning Style

At Binx we offer four distinct training modalities:

  • In-Classroom Training
  • Online, Instructor-Led Training
  • Hybrid and Blended Learning
  • Self-Paced Training

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