Training Tasters - Cloud, Data, and AI

31 January – 4 February 2022

One Week of Data, AI, and Cloud Training

Grow your understanding of some of the hottest data and tech topics. Attend instructor-led training with one of our specialized trainers and develop your skills. The Training Tasters take place from Monday, Jan. 31 until Feb. 4.

Choose from 6 different instructor-led training sessions covering topics from Python, Dask and Databricks, to Analytics Translation, Prometheus and Google Cloud.

Training Tasters Databricks - Binx
Training Tasters Dask - Binx Training Tasters Google Cloud - Binx Training Tasters Grafana - Binx Training Tasters Prometheus- Binx Training Tasters Python - Binx


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Instructor-Led Training Tasters


In only a few hours, our experienced trainers get you up to speed with analytics translation, DASK, Big Data and ML on GCP, Databricks, and Python.

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Monday, January 31 from 2 pm CET to 4 pm CET

Analytics Translation

Learn how to successfully identify, develop, and execute AI use cases in your organization. Thanks to this training, you will be able to drive the development of AI solutions that match business needs and add value to your organization

What You’ll Learn

  • How to gain value from data by developing AI solutions
  • The requirements for a successful AI solution
  • The technical and business challenges when developing AI solutions

Steven van Duin – Trainer

Steven beliefs that data-driven decision-making needs stakeholder involvement as much as it needs a solid data model. Steven gained extensive experience in facilitating training, stakeholder involvement, and project team management. He obtained this experience through his work as a management consultant (6+ years) and trainer of various courses (10+ years).

Herbert van Leeuwen – Trainer

Herbert is a data scientist who believes that successful AI solutions are made by combining good change management with the right technical capabilities. He is fascinated by data & analytics and applying them successfully in organizations.

Steven Van Duin - Trainer at GoDataDriven

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Monday, January 31 from 4 pm CET to 6 pm CET

DASK training

Dask is a flexible library for parallel computing in Python, that follows the familiar syntax of the existing PyData ecosystem. In this session we will take you throught the first steps so you can start using it.

What You’ll Learn

  • Overview of dask – How it works and when to use it.
  • Dask Delayed: How to parallelize existing Python code and your custom algorithms.
  • Schedulers: Single Machine vs Distributed, and the Dashboard.
  • From pandas to Dask: How to manipulate bigger-than-memory DataFrames using Dask.
  • Dask-ML: Scalable machine learning using Dask.

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Richard Pelgrim – Data Science Evangelist

Richard Pelgrim is a data scientist with a passion for communicating technical content in creative and compelling ways that increase engagement. Currently, he does so as Data Science Evangelist at, the leading company around the open-source Dask library for distributed computing in Python. Richard is regularly invited to give Dask tutorials at meet-ups and conferences and has a treasure chest of expert tips to support anyone on-boarding with Dask.

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Tuesday, February 1, from 4 pm CET to 6 pm CET

Get started with Big Data and Machine Learning on GCP

The training offers a combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs that introduce you to the Big Data and Machine Learning capabilities of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You will learn to process Big Data at scale for analytics and Machine Learning. You will explore the fundamentals of building new machine learning models and creating streaming data pipelines and dashboards.

What You’ll Learn

  • Processing Big Data at scale for analytics and Machine Learning
  • The fundamentals of building new machine learning models
  • Creating streaming data pipelines and dashboards

Koen Maes – Trainer

Koen is a GCP cloud consultant at g-company, where he specializes in building solutions using GCP. He holds a number of technical certifications in GCP on both data and Infrastructure related topics and was part of the first group of Authorized GCP trainers accredited back in 2014.

Wednesday, February 2 from 4 pm CET to 6 pm CET

Machine Learning with Databricks on GCP: Getting started with Travis Dent

Learn Data Science with Spark on Databricks, from running scripts, to clean and analyze data, to run machine learning models on the data.

What You’ll Learn

  • Setting up Databricks on GCP
  • Machine Learning with Databricks
  • Databricks on GCP vs AWS and Azure

Travis Dent – Trainer

Travis is a data engineer who builds robust systems following solid engineering principles and striving for rapid value delivery.  He is experienced in gathering requirements, architecting solutions, and leading solutions teams. Travis’s experience has refined what he holds dear in terms of way of work and methodologies for any project’s success, namely modularity, simplicity, and automated testing and deployment

Thursday, February 3 from 1 pm CET to 5 pm CET

SRE with Prometheus

Prometheus is a metrics tool that can provide essential insights into your platform, whether this is used for alerting, support or for general business intelligence. The training will show you how to effectively use Prometheus to accomplish your SRE goals. We take a step back to get an overview of Prometheus and to evaluate different use-cases to see how you can mindfully approach SLAs (Alerting) and SLOs (Relevant Metrics). In addition, the course will consist of practical exercises so that you can actively work with taught concepts. The costs for the Prometheus training taster are €50. After submitting this form, you will receive a separate e-mail with instructions.

Learning objectives

The training will show you how to effectively use Prometheus to accomplish your SRE goals. We take a step back to get an overview of Prometheus and to evaluate different use-cases to see how you can mindfully approach SLAs (Alerting) and SLOs (Relevant Metrics).

The topics covered are as follows:

  • Prometheus and the general ecosystem
  • Metric Types and their use-cases
  • Alerts
  • Recording Rules
  • Grafana

Matt Watson – Trainer – Cloud consultant/trainer at

Over the past 5 years I have worked with some of the largest UK and Dutch based companies in their respective fields (, Jaguar Land Rover, Sainsbury’s, Opus2) and throughout many projects I have been exposed to different tools, ways of working and environments.

Metrics, monitoring and logging has always been a core part of my work as it provides crucial information about the state of your platform. Throughout the years I have learnt best practices and now I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, to help improve their IT systems.

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Friday, February 4 from 3 pm CET to 5 pm CET

From Excel to Python

Do you want to boost your career by learning THE programming language for Data Analysis? Do you find it hard to learn from scratch without guidance and would like experienced trainers that lead you along the journey? Join the course to gain experience with using Python for data analysis, and leave empowered to start boosting your career by applying this new skill!

What You’ll Learn

  • The benefits of using Python for data analysis and beyond
  • Python built-in data types
  • How to write functions
  • About pandas, with an in-depth look at indices, series, and dataframes
  • How to wrangle and visualise your data with pandas

Lucy Sheppard – Trainer

Lucy trained as a teacher before spending four years working for a UK bank building models to generate customer risk profiles. She now feels extremely lucky that she can combine her skills in data and her passion for teaching to share knowledge and support the next iteration of data scientists

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