Cloud Value Assessment

Identify the potential of cloud technology to improve your business performance.

This review provides technology and business leaders a concrete overview of the opportunities of cloud technology and a roadmap towards cloud adoption.

Through a combination of stakeholder interviews and an efficient review of the current IT architecture, our experienced cloud specialists will expose the potential value of the cloud for your business.

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The Cloud Value Assessment pinpoints the potential value of adopting cloud in your organization. 

  • Faster implementation of new business functionalities
  • Increased speed of innovation in product development
  • Integrate more easily with 3rd party systems
  • Improved efficiency in the software development process

What You’ll Get

After the Cloud Value Assessment, you will have:

  1. A selection of clear Value Cases for Cloud;
  2. An understanding of the way that cloud can overcome prominent business and technology challenges;
  3. A high-level roadmap that outlines the steps to take to:
  • Develop the right skills
  • Leverage cloud technology
  • Optimize your way of working

Five-Step Approach

The Cloud Value Assessment analyzes your situation through the following five steps:

  1. Interview stakeholders, from business to the heart of engineering;
  2. Analyze your business KPIs, IT delivery, and technology landscape architecture;
  3. Present actionable recommendations;
  4. Plan next steps with the key stakeholders;
  5. Prepare for execution with a fit-for-purpose roadmap.


The Cloud Value Assessment is a 3 to 4-week consultancy approach, carried out by an experienced Cloud Transformation Consultant and Senior Cloud Architect. Funding options for remediation might be available. Ask us about the options.

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Download the Cloud Value Assessment Two-Pager

Download the two-pager to learn more about the principles, business value, and deliverables of the Cloud Value Assessment

Cloud Value Assessment

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This assessment provides a streamlined approach to identify and capture the potential value of the cloud to reach your business and technology goals. This outside-in review provides business and technology leaders an unbiased perspective on technological improvements that cloud technology can bring to their business.

Martijn Botermans Director of Cloud Transformation Binx